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Have You Adopted the Walmart Mentality to Your Blog?

I  read a post earlier this morning from fellow staff member Joel Kruse on how within a three hour period he helped a new member, achieve page one results with her new ActiveRain Blog on Google.  If you missed the article, go read it here: New Rainmaker on the first page of Google in 3 hours the post is rather astonishing!

As I began reading the comments, one of the comments I saw by a few over & over was: "Lets be real, who cares if you are #1 for Manhattan Beach Events & Activities?  You need to be on page 1 for real estate terms in your area."   I wanted to take a few minutes to explain why writing about anything in addition to real estate can be an asset to your Real Estate business.

Adopting the Walmart Mentality to Your Blog

I don't know about anyone else, but I know that whenever my wife & I visit walmart we end up being there for a minimum of 30 minutes & spending close to $100.00 no matter what.  We go in to purchase a bag of potatoes & diapers & while inside realize that we needed paper towels, see an adorable outfit for Isabelle we can't pass up & need more shaving cream.  The reason that this happens is because Walmart has everything you could ever possibly need!  They are a smorgasbord of products. Also, you know that their prices are always going to either be better than the competition or very close.

This same principle is true to your writing on your blog.  While writing about community events & activities, or restaurants may not have Myrtle Beach Baseballanything to do with real estate, writing these posts bring consumers to your blog.  While they are there reading about a local restaurant, or an upcoming Marathon, they also notice you work in real estate & as they become comfortable with you as a local expert, they are also going to be telling others about your blog.  Also, they will check back regularly for more information & also connect with you.  Also, you never know who they may be telling about your site & the great info you shared about the local parade that is ready to buy a home now.

Here is an example to bring this into perspective:  A few years ago, I wrote about baseball & a major local tournament that was taking place here.  Shortly after writing that post, a gentleman contacted me one day.  He said, "Hi Jeremy, I read what you wrote about the upcoming baseball tournament.  My son is playing in it this year & I was wondering if you could help us find a place to rent for 10 days."  While I never ventured into the rental market & stuck strictly to real estate sales, I was kinda bummed he was looking to rent instead of purchasing.

I gave the man a the name of a nice condo development that did rentals & didn't think much of it anymore.  As the next year of the tournament rolled around, I received a call one day from this gentleman.  He said: "Hey Jeremy I have been following your blog for the past few months & it seems that the market in Myrtle Beach is really prime for us to purchase. When we come back down in a few weeks can we get together & look at property?"  I said most definitely!  So, we met up while they were here.  They ended up purchasing two properties from me as well as referred another 3 people to me.

That one small thing written about a baseball tournament resulted in over $30,000 in commissions because I wrote an article that appealed to this gentleman's needs, & also took a step beyond the call of duty to help him find a rental.  Also, he was able to relate to me because he knew I loved baseball enough to take time & write about it.  We had a common connection.  He didn't first come to me because buying a place here was on his mind. Just like when I visit Walmart I am not going in to purchase Isabelle a new dress, or my wife a new pair of shoes.   I am there for bag of potatoes.  But because the rest is available, I get that as well. 

If nothing else, write the post for the Juice!

Ok, so maybe you think this principle above is crazy & completely ridiculous.  If you do, that is perfectly fine and you don't need to believe it.  But, what about the SEO side of writing local content?  As you write these local content posts you are working on building a larger online presence.    Every time you write a post & submit it for the public to view, you are giving Google another page to index on your blog & increasing SEO. One of the things that Google loves is fresh new content.  The more content you can provide, the more it will love you. 

So, Have You Adopted the Walmart Mentality to Your Blog?

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