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Google Instant And How it will Change Keywords

Google Instant was recently released by the search engine giant which I believe will be making some major changes in the way consumers search online.  What this allows is for people using the search engine giant to begin the search process while you type in the term you are searching for. No longer to you have to type in the entire phrase and then wait for it to bring you back results.  Because of this, I think there will be some major changes coming in the way keywords are determined for your website.

Changing Keywords from Google InstantFirst, the Longtail Shift

Longtail Keywords have been a major player in the success of so many websites over the past few years.  People have been able to generate large sums of business by skipping the major terms and focusing on all the other things applicable to their business.  By doing this, you were able to rank well on specific keywords and get those people first and foremost.  The quality of these leads are great and more likely to turn into a transaction.  But, with the implementation of Google Instant, I think this will begin to shift.  People will no longer take the time to type in longer terms like before.  From playing with Google Instant most of the morning I found that after the first 3-4 words of a search term I was normally able to find something that fit what I was looking for.  So the number of people doing 6-10 word searches will begin to drop dramatically.  This means 2 things:

1.  We will need to start learning more condensed keywords to do instead.  So if my keyword before was "how to tie a full windsor knot video," I need to now focus on the term "How to Tie a." because when you type those first four words, Google has already displayed multiple videos that will show you exactly what you wanted to learn.

2.  The quality of those still doing the extra long search will be even stronger.

Bye Bye Plural Words

Changing Keywords from Google InstantOne of the terms that our business has been able to always rank well because of it being part of the name of our company is Social Media Advisors. We've dominated page one of the search engines since almost the inception of our website.  But, now when someone goes to Google and starts to type that term, they will get all the results they would want by simply typing "social media advisor" and will get all the results they need.  They don't need to add the plural S anymore to find what they want.  In fact, you could simply type social media advis and find the same results.  For our company, we will now need to change some of our keywords to rank on better terms.

This means for sites, your keywords will need to be updated.  If you are in the real estate industry for example, you no longer need to fight to rank on terms like Myrtle Beach Homes, or Myrtle Beach Houses you can now focus on just Myrtle Beach Home and other singular terms. If you are some of the early adopters to these new sets of keywords you will be able to get established on the singular terms before others realize the change.

The Art of Typos

This SEO tip has been around for a while, but with the implementation of Google Instant, it becomes even more important.  How many times have you made a typo when entering a search term in Google?  If you are anything like me, it happens probably multiple times each day.  Since the new search engine will auto-fill results without needing to correct the typos.  So, while it may seem a little crazy to do, but focusing once in a while on typo keywords could bring you massive amounts of traffic with Google Instant.

Your competitors won't be able to understand how your business is doing so well while they are struggling.  All because you did a few simple typo error terms that are showing up ahead of them in the search engines.  It's a great source of traffic and can be an even great source of revenue!

So now that Google Instant has been released, it is time to revisit your keyword research for your site's search engine optimization and figure out what the newest things we should focus on.  As always, if you need our services to assist you with the search engine optimization of your site, you can contact us if you need help with your social media needs.

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