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Syndicate Your ActiveRain Blogs

Syndicate Your ActiveRain Blogs with RSS

What is syndication and why should you "Syndicate Your ActiveRain Blogs?"  Driving traffic and exposure to your Blog is the primary reason.  RSS - Really Simple Syndication is a great way to connect your ActiveRain Blog to other Blogs and websites.  Members on ActiveRain have an RSS feed button located on the sidebar of their Blog.  Click on it to see your options and how it can be used to expand your reach to a larger audience via other sites and locations on the web.

Adding an RSS feed to your ActiveRain Blog on your ActiveRain Blog is nice, but no where near the value and benefit of having an RSS feed in other locations. Do you have a website?  Do you use an email signature?  Are you utilizing online marketing?  Take advantage of this tiny little tool so you can get BIG results.  That's why it's here.  If you're not familiar with RSS Feeds, Readers, and tools etc., here's a really good post that will give you more details and an explanation.


RSS is a great way to syndicate your Blog posts RSS 2.0 Feed for this blog and get them out there and in front of a larger potential audience. Using RSS feeds is also a great way to have information and great content delivered back to you without having to go out and look for it. This will save you valuable time browsing the web for content and information that you might be interested in. 


Personally, I use Google Reader for all my RSS feeds to the sites I like to get updates and new information from.  This allows me the ability to scroll through hundreds of articles from various sites and blogs easily and conveniently without having to go to each site and see what's newly published. You can also share certain posts and articles with others that you follow, and they can share with you. 

If you're looking for some ways to get back-links and Web Traffic, I just watched THIS VIDEO that explains how to do this using You can see how many other RE professionals have done this already by Clicking Here. You can search their site for various Real Estate type RSS feeds that have already been added to the site. Why not add yours while you're there.  It's just one more way to syndicate your ActiveRain Blog.

Teaching your clients how to subscribe to your Blog via RSS is a valuable tool, both for them, and for you.




"Learn More. Get More. Do More. Be More."

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