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125 Twitter Applications to Make Using Twitter Easier

*Twitter Applications- A massive list to make Twitter easier to use.

If you are anything like me, there was a time & place when your friends all said "Jeremy! Why are you not on Twitter? You need to use Twitter! It is an awesome new social network that is super effective for producing new business connections!" After several of your friends begged you to join, you finally visited and registered an account.

You finished your registration, added celebrities like @aplusk and your friends from in your database. You sent the infamous "Just trying out Twitter" as your first tweet and then set in complete confusion for the next 6 months trying to understand what to do next. Your friends & celebrities filled your wall with constant stream that was always moving and you had no way of making sense of how to use twitter. You answered your friend requests that filled your inbox and that was about it.  After complete frustration set in, you gave upl & said that Twitter was not for you.

This is a very typical story of so many that have started on twitter. When you use the basic web version of twitter, it is very difficult to understand how it all works & how to optimize your account for business. All you see is constant chatter & movement of links from people you know & those you don't.  This was my feelings on twitter for the first few months.  Until I finally started using a few of these Twitter Applications listed below.

Whenever I am working with a client who does not understand or enjoy using Twitter, it is normally because they are not trying out any of the various Twitter applications that exist. After an hour of online coaching on these applications, it makes things much clearer. Because of this, I decided it was time to put together a mother lode list of Twitter Applications.

This list of Twitter Applications is by no way every single application that exists, so if I miss some, please share in the comments below what applications you love that I may have overlooked. These are however some of the most popular & best applications I have ever found. So without further ado, here is my mother lode list of Twitter Applications:

Twitter Applications- Desktop Versions

Twitter Applications for Photo Sharing

Web Browser Run Twitter Applications

Twitter Applications- Link Shorteners

Twitter Analytics Applications

Scheduled Tweets- Twitter Application

Mobile Twitter Applications

Account Management Twitter Applications

Miscellaneous Twitter Applications

Twitter Marketing Applications

So if you are unsure how to use  twitter or have been completely frustrated with how to use it, try implementing some of these twitter applications into your online experience.  I promise it will help clear up the confusions of using this social network as well as enhance your ability to gain business from it. 

**Please note:  I have not personally used each application listed below. I cannot verify their effectiveness or privacy function.  Use at your own risk. **

Originally written here: Twitter Applications- 125 Tools to Make using Twitter Easier

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