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How Long Tail SEO Can Build Your Business Online

Long Tail keywords are so important to your online business and how it is found in the search engines. If your business has been struggling to be found online, this may be something you want to look into. While you may think that you need to be page one for your main business terms, what you are missing is that it is normally much more difficult to rank at the top of the rankings for these high competition keywords. The Long Tail

However, if you focus on long tail keywords in your site, you will find yourself having a much easier time getting to page one of Google as the competition is normally much less. So, as I shared in the video, if focused only on the keyword "appliance parts" in their site SEO strategy, there is a good possibility they would not have had my business the other day. But, because they took the time and wrote content about a specific part as small and inexpensive as it may be, it brought them in a new customer.

As a new customer that had an exceptional experience, I know that if I ever need another part for a small appliance, I know where I will start my search. I also know that whenever I hear someone mention needing a small appliance part, that I will send them over to their site. My guess is that it probably took them a few hours of writing on the specific part & model number to gain page one rankings on Google for the keyword. So in terms of investment, I would say the return has been great.

So, if you are trying to figure out ways to help your business online, maybe it is time to start writing about long tail keywords and let others fight over the highly competitive ones. If you are not sure how to implement this type of strategy into your business, let's schedule a personal coaching session today to discuss this further for your business.

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Long Tail keywords are so important to your online business and how it is found in the search engines. If your business has been struggling to be found online, this may be something you want to look into. While you may think that you need to… more
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